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The Complete Guide to Juicers for Gerson Therapy: Juicing to Heal

The Complete Guide to Juicers for Gerson Therapy: Juicing to Heal

Gerson Therapy is a program with proven success in healing various diseases, most famously cancer. The Gerson Therapy diet has saved or improved the lives of thousands of patients over the years by rebuilding the immune system with essential nutrients and assisting the liver in detoxification. A major part of the Gerson Diet are fresh raw juices, which are essential for getting the nutrition the body needs to heal. But what juicers are needed for Gerson Therapy? When treating cancer with Gerson Therapy there are three, two-stage, juicers approved by the Gerson Institute. When treating other health conditions (including heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, and more), most masticating juicers are approved. Gerson Therapy is a lifestyle shift with its share of built-in challenges. For this reason, we wanted to make finding the right juicer as easy as possible. In this mini guide, you'll find a brief overview of the Gerson therapy approach, plus comprehensive coverage of the best juicers.

What are the Four Components of Gerson Therapy?

Dr. Max Gerson developed Gerson Therapy. His daughter, Charlotte Gerson founded the nonprofit Gerson Institute in 1978. Gerson Therapy treats the underlying cause of diseases, which is stated on its website as “toxicity and nutritional deficiency.” As such, treatment is non-specific yet has been successful in recovering thousands of people from “chronic degenerative diseases” including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, and many others. Gerson Therapy consists of four major components in order to allow this whole body healing; they are:

  • A plant-based and organic diet

  • Raw juices

  • Detoxification (mainly in the form of coffee enemas)

  • Natural Supplements

Patients can begin treatment at a Gerson Therapy clinic or over the internet; regardless, the lifestyle must be adhered to strictly for at least two years in most cases. For this reason, a Gerson Therapy-approved juicer is an essential tool to invest in.

The Benefits of Two-Stage Juicing

The three juicers approved by the Gerson Institute for treating cancer are all two-stage juicers. In his 1959 book, A Cancer Therapy – Results of Fifty Cases, Dr. Gerson explains why two-stage juicers are necessary:

“Two machines are required, a separate grinder and a separate press, for the correct preparation of the juice. These are findings of experiences over many years in which patients who used a one-unit machine had no success.”

Furthermore, there is a significant nutrient and mineral increase (10% or more) that happens, “when apple mash is mixed with other vegetables.” In her book Nutritional Healing, author Kathrin Alexander states,

When the pulp of both the apple and the vegetable are mixed together before pressing, the malic acid solubilizes and extracts a greater nutrient value from the vegetables than could be gained from the vegetables alone.”

With single-stage juicers, which are most other juicers, produce goes in the chute, through the blades, and pulp comes out one end while juice comes out the other. Two-stage juicers are unique in that the ground produce (pulp + juice) is dispensed into a press bag, which is then laid on the hydraulic press. The hydraulic press (quite literally) presses the juice out of the pulp, completing stage two.

The power of the hydraulic press ensures all the juice is separated from the pulp, so much so that you’re left with a brick of dry pulp after. In other words, the fine grinding process and high-power hydraulic press yields the most juice possible from fruits and vegetables. Two-stage juicing also produces the least amount of heat, allowing juice to retain nutrients and minerals efficiently.

The three juicers approved for treating cancer with Gerson Therapy are: The PURE juicer, the Norwalk juicer, and an extra budget-friendly option.Check out all the details of these two-stage juicers below.

Then, we’ll feature some of the best masticating juicers for treating other, non-malignant, health conditions (including heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, and more). For such conditions, any high-quality masticating juicer is approved.

Centrifugal juicers and blenders are not approved for use on the Gerson Therapy diet.Why is this? While centrifugal juicers are the most affordable, they also expose juice to heat and oxygen, which kills vital nutrients and enzymes the body needs to heal. Too often, the nutrition remains locked inside the pulp, which wastes produce and prevents the body from receiving the minerals and phytochemicals the body needs to heal.

Elite Juicers

When it comes to two-stage juicing, the following two machines can’t be beat. Both models allow you to create highly nutritional juice that’s easily on-par with commercial machines in their price range.

PURE Juicer ($2,395)

The PURE juicer was invented by David Feinberg. He spent years rebuilding and re-selling Norwalk juicers, during which he made a list of how the Norwalk could be better. The result is PURE, a two-stage juicer that’s nothing short of innovative. The PURE juicer produces a high yield of juice, saving you money on produce. Its juice is high-quality, retaining optimal nutrients, minerals, and vitamins; plus it’s built to last and easy to use.

The PURE juicer is made of 100% food-safe stainless steel, which means it’s rust-free, anti-corrosive, and completely chemical free. The first step when using the PURE juicer is grinding the produce. For this, the PURE has a serrated blade with eight teeth for easy, maximum grinding. The serrated blade cuts fibrous greens efficiently, creating a smooth feeding process. The PURE includes multiple screen trays that are easy to exchange for getting the maximum grind with different types of produce, including leafy greens, harder vegetables, as well as for creating nut butters or sorbets.

The second stage is the hydraulic press. Here, two tons of force squeeze the juice from the pulp. The juice tray of the hydraulic press has high walls, which allow you to stack multiple press bags of produce and juice them simultaneously.

The feed chute of the PURE juicer is offset so that produce never kicks back, protecting your kitchen or ceiling from splatter. It also twists off for easy cleaning and locks right back into place in seconds. The PURE juicer includes a 12-year transferable warranty. Also included with the PURE juicer are four Press Bags, one Press Cloth Liner, and six Press Cloths; however, be sure to get this one-year supply of bags, cloths, and liners for your PURE juicer.

Extreme Wellness Supply also offers payment plans through Klarna (the PURE juicer, for example, offers monthly payments as low as $48). We want to do everything possible to provide you with the best products at the best prices, which is why we also have a 100% lowest price guarantee and free U.S. shipping.

Norwalk Juicer 290 ($2,595)

The Norwalk was the first juicer used by Gerson Therapy to treat and reverse malignant cancers and other chronic degenerative diseases. With eighty years of research and manufacturing behind it, two-stage juicers would not be where they are without the history of the Norwalk.

The Norwalk Juicer and the PURE Juicer utilize the same two-stage juicing process. Stage one: the produce is ground up; stage two: the produce is pressed, releasing the juice from the pulp.

The Norwalk 290 is made of Stainless Steel; it has an offset feeding chute to ensure produce doesn’t kick back, and includes various screens for grinding different types of produce. However, the blade has five teeth instead of the eight seen on the PURE juicer. That said, the juice yield is high and the nutrients and enzymes are retained just as well since the process is two-stage.

The Norwalk comes with a 12-year warranty and it is made in the USA. It also comes with the bags, cloth, and liners needed to get started juicing right away.

Budget-Friendly Option

The third option that’s approved by the Gerson Institute is a combination of two machines. The Champion Elite Classic 2000 Juicer is a great low-budget masticating juicer. When paired with its homogenizing nozzle and the Samson Welles Manual Hydraulic press, you’ll have a two-stage juicing set up without the two-stage juicer price.

The Champion Classic 2000 is a single-auger juicer that’s ideal for both leafy greens and harder vegetables like carrots. However, in order for the Champion Classic 2000 to be usable with Gerson Therapy when treating cancer, you’ll also need the Homogenizing Nozzle. Without that nozzle, the Champion will separate the juice from the pulp in one stage (which is not approved). With the nozzle, your produce is ground up (pulp + juice); it can then be put in a press bag and juiced using the Samson Welles Press for stage two.

The Samson Welles Press is what allows the Champion Classic 2000 to be approved for treating cancer with Gerson Therapy. Together, they mimic what both the PURE and Norwalk offer in one machine. Do keep in mind that the Samson Welles Press is manual. While it is still hydraulic like the more expensive juicers above, the jack handle must be cranked to manually press the juice from the pulp. Even though the manual element requires extra effort, users report that they love the capabilities of this press and are very satisfied with its results.

If you’re seeking to address other health challenges and do not have malignant cancer, the Champion juicer is approved (without the nozzle and without the Samson Welles Press) for patients following Gerson Therapy, as it preserves enzyme activity. You may also consider upgrading to the Champion Elite 4000 ($350) for only ten dollars more.

To assist in the affordability of whichever machine you choose, Extreme Wellness Supply offers payment plans through Klarna. Your health is the most important resource you have. We want to do everything possible to provide you with the best products at the best prices, which is why we also have a 100% lowest price guarantee and free U.S. shipping.

The following are juicers that Gerson Therapy patients have successfully used to treat other non-malignant health conditions (including diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, and more) on the Gerson Therapy diet. However, in general, masticating juicers (which includes twin-gear juicers) are approved for use with Gerson Therapy as they “extract a sufficient amount of juice, and preserve enzyme activity,” according to the Gerson Institute. The following juicers, as well as all other high-quality masticating juicers, are also great for healthy people enhancing their health.

Super Angel Juicers ($1150-$1650)

Super Angel Juicers are considered one of, if not, the best twin-gear juicers on the market. There are four versions available. The Super Angel Plus, Pro and Deluxe models are made of food-grade stainless steel; the Premium Deluxe model is made of surgical-grade stainless steel. All models have an RPM of only 82, which means they are slow and efficient—giving you the most juice from your produce and retaining the life-giving nutrients and enzymes. They are highly versatile machines that work with all fruits and vegetables, including leafy greens and harder vegetables like carrots. They also work great for making nut butters, pattes, ice cream, baby food, and delicious sorbets. The Super Angel juicers are a customer favorite at Extreme Wellness Supply.

Greenstar juicers are known for their bio-ceramic magnetic gears, which allow juices to be stored up to 72 hours in the fridge while still retaining large amounts of nutrients and enzymes. They can juice a wide range of fruits and vegetables, including leafy greens and wheatgrass. The Greenstar can also make nut butters, sorbets, salsas, baby food, and much more. The Tribest Greenstar Elite GSE-5000 also includes a 12-year warranty. If you’re ready to invest in an extremely high-quality twin juicer but can’t quite afford the Super Angel (above), then this is by-far the best option available. It’s been on the market for years and is considered one of the best masticating juicers money can buy.

The Hurom Alpha H-AA Vertical Slow Juicer is ideal for extracting optimal amounts of juice while producing little oxidation in the process. It’s a quiet machine compared to many other juicers, and the clear encasing allows you to see the full process as it happens. It’s designed to produce a high yield of juice and be easily cleaned when you’re done. The Hurom Alpha H-AA is perfect for juicing various types of fruits and vegetables, as well as for making sorbets. For juicing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, the Hurom Alpha H-AA is a powerful slow juicer designed to produce dry pulp and highly nutritious juice.

This juicer is aptly named Slowstar for its 47 RPM, which ensures the machine doesn’t heat up or kill the desired vital nutrients and enzymes for healing. It employs a duo-blade auger, which increases the overall juice yield and produces a dryer pulp. The Tribest Slowstar SW-2000 is 100% BPA free, and it includes a stainless steel mesh strainer for removing any additional pulp from the juice. The homogenizing attachment allows you to make sorbets, nut butters, pates, salsas, and sauces as well. The Tribest Slowstar is a dependable middle-budget option that still produces high-quality juice.

The Champion Elite 4000 is the upgraded version of the Champion Classic 2000. It includes two different augers: one that’s designed specifically for juicing greens, while the other is designed for other vegetables such as carrots, beets, celery, and more. The Champion Elite 4000 is made in the USA and built for continuous use. This machine is perfect for juicing all types of fruits and vegetables, as well as for creating nut butters, frozen fruit smoothies, soups, and sauces. As one of the most affordable masticating juicers, expect faster juicing and a wetter pulp; however, its juice is considered high-quality enough for the standards of the Gerson Therapy diet.

The Omega Nutrition Center operates at low speeds of 75-85 RP, therefore, minimizing heat build-up, preserving enzymes and reducing oxidation. It is suitable for all kinds of produce, including leafy greens, hard vegetables, and wheatgrass; the Nutrition Center’s end cap has five adjustable settings for extracting optimal juice from various produce. It is also capable of making nut butters, baby food, soy milk, sorbets, and more. The Omega Nutrition Center comes with a 15-year warranty.

Juicing to Heal

With Gerson Therapy, people have been able to heal conditions otherwise labeled chronic and irreversible. Patients assist their body in its natural ability to heal using nutrition and detoxification. Dr. Gerson’s extensive trials revealed that two-stage juicers are necessary when treating cancer, but high-quality masticating juicers work when treating other health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, and more.

The three two-stage juicers that are approved for healing cancer with Gerson Therapy are the PURE juicer, the Norwalk juicer, and the combination of the Champion 2000 with its homogenizing nozzles alongside the Samson Welles Hydraulic Press. The masticating juicers approved to treat other (non-malignant) conditions include the Super Angel Juicers, the Tribest Greenstar Elite juicer, the Champion Elite 4000, and all other high-quality masticating juicers, which include twin gear juicers.

For over sixty years, Gerson Therapy has helped thousands of people recover from diseases with its holistic process. All of the above juicers offer high-quality nutritional juices that are ideal for Gerson Therapy. These juicers allow the highest amount of nutrition, enzymes, and phytochemicals to be extracted and retained, creating delicious nutritious juice. If you have any questions, we are an email or phone call away. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Also, feel free to leave a comment below. Where are you on your health journey? We’d love to hear from you.

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