About Us

Do you believe in the power of food to heal and nurture the body? We do.

At Extreme Wellness Supply, we believe in helping customers take charge of their health.Our team believes in supporting individuals in discovering their own wellness journeys. 

Our mission is toelevate into well-beingthose who believe in the power of food to heal and nurture the body.

Wellness is more than just taking a vitamin or two daily. Healthy living is about investing in your well-being through the food choices you make. It’s about having access to a variety of wellness appliances to help you take your health to the next level. 

We’re Meant to Live in Wellness 

The founder of Extreme Wellness Supply, Amanda Bell, credits her parents with instilling in her a love of natural health and wellness. Her parents, Michael and Susan, have offered their pearls of wellness wisdom to  Amanda as she’s grown Extreme Wellness Supply from 2017 until 2022.

“Growing up, both of my parents believed in the power of natural medicine and meditation. That same powerful love of wellness took hold in me at a young age, too. 

In fact, it started in the womb. 

My mother Susan took up meditating while she was pregnant with me. Her appreciation of quieting the mind passed down to me; I’ve been meditating and doing yoga since age three!

Along the way, our family also learned about enlightenment from one of the world’s most respected meditation teachers, too. For many years, we lived and traveled internationally due to our family connection to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of Transcendental Meditation.  

Over the years, my father Michael discovered and refined his gift as a medical intuitive and Ayurvedic practitioner. This provided deeper insight for all of us into alternative healing methods.

To say we’ve taken a journey in wellness may be an understatement. We’ve lived it and continue living it!”

The Road Less Traveled 

As a result of unique early childhood experiences, Amanda discovered ways of healing the mind and body. It also meant finding a career path that suited her love of well-being. 

Alternative living and being different has always been Amanda’s normal. In adulthood, that meant an alternative route to earning a living, too.

For years, she worked as a yoga therapist and teacher. As her work as a full time  yoga teacher began to transition, Amanda found wellness still called to her. After discovering she could work digitally in the wellness field, she settled on the idea of building a wellness-centered e-commerce store. 

She invited her parents, Susan and Michael, to join her on this new journey. Susan serves as the company’s beloved Customer Happiness Specialist by helping customers with any questions they have about products. As needed, Michael is the Medical Intuitive on call. 

The opportunity to serve the wellness niche felt like a natural fit. The industry contributed positively to people’s lives, a must-have requirement for the Bells.

The wellness niche became our family’s niche. 

Rooted in Personal Experience 

With 50 years of experience in learning about natural living, the Bells are what you might call health nuts. Susan and Michael raised Amanda surrounded by the original “crunchy” wellness practitioners. You know, the people who love juicing, eating raw, meditating? Drawing on that personal experience with natural wellness methods, it’s Amanda’s desire to share pure wellness with customers.

Handpicked Selection 

Extreme Wellness Supply caters to those who believe in the power of food to heal and nurture the body. The site is for real food nutrition seekers  — like fitness-and-health-oriented individuals, healthy food restaurant owners, and raw foodists — to purchase juicers, blenders, food dehydrators, water purifiers, grain mills, and more.  We’ve curated a collection that continues to grow all the time.

Honored to Serve in Wellness

Helping others honor their health and wellness goals is a privilege rooted in our lifelong passions — mind-body wellness and personal goodness. It’s these virtues of well-being we wish for our customers, too. It’s our privilege to run a business that’s focused on helping others into wellness.

* At a request to respect their privacy, all names have been changed.