About Us

Everyday Wellness For Everyone

We believe we're each meant to live in Wellness - Extreme Wellness! We are excited to share your Wellness Journey, and are honored by the opportunity to serve you.

Extreme Wellness Supply is a family-run business founded by three genuine Wellness Nerds.

Alicia was born into Wellness, practicing yoga and meditation since age three. She continues to enjoy a 25+ year career as a Yoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher. 

Eric is a Medical Intuitive specializing in Ayurvedic Medicine. Blessed with intuitive inner sight, has served thousands of clients for over 30 years as a virtual Human X-ray.

Kate is an MBA with a passion for serving the Wellbeing of others. Her career includes importing natural health products from China, empowering indigenous artisans, and collecting Goddess Sculptures from around the world.

This website reflects our family's intent to share our own pursuit of Wellness for the benefit others. If you have questions about our products, or suggestions for Wellness products we should carry, please let us know? We’d love to hear from you.

We appreciate that you have many places to explore (online and offline) and we’re grateful you’ve spent some precious moments with us. 

To shared Wellness!

Alicia, Eric & Kate