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It’s the best juicer I’ve used. It’s definitely worth the investment.

The Best Juicer Made to Date

If you are looking for the best juicer you can get you no further this is those for you.

Diamant Cast-Iron Manual Grain Mill
Mitchell R. (Kerrville, US)
Very difficult item to obtain

Diamant grain mill was by far the most difficult item to actually get that I’ve ever ordered. Over a year from my initial purchase. Originally ordered Christmas Day 2021. After five month I decided to give up and order a mill from the US that didn’t have the supply chain issues. Several months past before my “ wants” got the best of me. I knew I liked the look and durability of Diamant. I reordered in August. This time Extreme Wellness sent out updates on arrival dates. I received this beautiful mill around the first week of February. The mill arrived with a few chips in the enamel paint. I reported this to Extreme Wellness. I received an email immediately wishing to resolve the issue. They checked the manufacture in Europe to find out they are going to send touch up paint. I am very happy with this purchase as it not only will be the most durable piece of kitchen equipment I’ve purchased but also the most beautiful. Presently I am building a table to permanently mount it to for use and display. Thanks Extreme Wellness for being diligent with the manufacture and patient with me when I would call for a status update.

Great product

The grain mill is awesome. Very quiet. It took a few months to get but I can't blame the company for the backlog for the product. It wasn't available anywhere. Plus I got a coupon for using extreme wellness supply. If you are curious about the size, it's smaller than my vitamix. Check out the photo for a comparison.

Best Sauerkraut Crock

I've been using K&K crocks for years to make sauerkraut - they never cease to amaze! Best quality I've ever seen - and dishwasher safe! Perfect all around!


This grain mill is esthetically pleasing to the eye to keep on your kitchen counter and the grinding of the grains is next level with the stones! Our family is so pleased with this purchase.

Love it!

I've been using a Champion as well as a manual "healthy juicer" for greens for many years. After seeing a you-tube video on the VSJ843 I decided to buy one. I just love it! It does a very good job of juicing hard veges, fruit and greens. The juicing session is a lot faster using the VSJ843 compared to using and cleaning two machines. It's quiet, has a small footprint and looks good on my counter. It's not messy to use and clean up is a breeze. You do need to chop up your produce into small pieces to get the best results. Oh, and customer service from Extreme Wellness is outstanding.

Amazing Juicer

Not only is the juicer more than I could have hoped for. Easy to assemble, use, and clean; the Super Angel is a high yield cold press juicer. I juice on Sundays and is keeps in my glass bottles for the week. Worth the investment.
*Edit - I have been using weekly for over four years. Great high volume juicer. This is built to last

Get the best replacement filters

I am really happy with the alkaviva ultra water filter. The water tast great. I highly recommend it. I replace it every year.
I have a Jupiter melody that is over 10 years old and it works as well as it did when it was new.
Thank you AlkaViva

Great product

I haven't had a chance to use my Mehu-Liisa Stainless Steel Steam Juicer 11L (11.6 Qt) yet, but I used a friend of mine's last fall and I loved it. I looked over other brands, but they just didn't feel right. I'm very excited to have my very own.

Wondermill Electric Grain Mill
Warren S. (Oakton, US)
Super Pleased

Very pleased with the Grain Mill. Seems very high quality (I have not actually used it yet.) I watched other reviews online and it was rated very highly. It was well packed; no shipping damage. Extreme Wellness had the best price I was able to find, plus a new customer discount. Item was received promptly, Great Service! Would highly recommend both the product and the vendor.

Bowl Scraper

What a neat addition to my Bosch Universal Mixer. The sides of the bowl is constantly scraped while the dough is mixing giving a more complete combination of ingredients.

Mockmill 100 Stone Grain Mill
Judy C. (O'Fallon, US)
Mockmill 100

I like the ease of using this machine to grind my wheat berries and it is fairly quiet.

Mockmill 200 Stone Grain Mill
guillermina g. (Salt Lake City, US)
mockmill 200

excellent experience. The cheapest price I found on the internet. fast shipping. the mill works perfectly. I recommend this business 100%

Wondermill Electric Grain Mill
Carolyn J. (Salt Lake City, US)
tried the mill for the first time to clean it out

I am waiting to try the mill for regrinding rice flour for my flour blends as soon as I run out of my supply. I can let you know then. It seemed to work very well for the first cleaning batch.

Amazing customer service

I ordered a Harvest Right freeze dryer from here and they had great communication. Harvest Right stopped making the model I ordered and Extreme Wellness got me the updated model at the same sales price. I will definitely be ordering from them again.

Magimix Food Processor CS 4200 XL By Robot Coupe
Suzanne N. (Prescott Valley, US)
Magimix Food Processor

It is so nice to be able to purchase a small appliance that is not made in China. This machine is made by a reputable company. It is a very well made appliance. Powerful motor. I use my food processor primarily for chopping vegetables and for doing pastry dough. The only thing that prevents this from being a perfect machine is that it does not have an optional flat cap. The top with the feed tube is a pain in the behind to clean, and makes it harder to store on the counter, where it needs to fit under the top cupboard. Overall, this is a great food processor.

Magimix 5200 XL is a beast!

Superior piece of equipment and fantastic customer service. Extreme Wellness was able to get me one of these units, when everyone else showed Sold Out or Backorder. Thank you!

100% pure juicing

What a excellent product! I used it to juice some pineapple 🍍. The unit is very easy to use and clean up is one, two, and three. 100 % pure juice , no pulp , no bubbles.!!

Wondermill Electric Grain Mill
Karen W.S. (Abilene, US)
I love my new Wondermill Electric Grain Mill

There was a bit of a learning curve with this powerful mill. The torque generated can cause the mill to buck and/or spin. However, it only takes a gentle hand on the machine when turning it on to keep it steady. It is a joy to mill just enough flour for one loaf in less that a minute!! And the bread I make is delicious, if I say so myself, lol! If you want to improve your nutrition and thereby, your health, get a mill and start consuming REAL healthy whole grains.

Santos 28 Commercial Centrifugal Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor

External Sulfur/Iron Reduction

This filter gets the job done
When I added this external filter to my jupiter melody that is fifteen years old now I noticed immediately that the quality of my
drinking water was better
Thank you AlkaViva!


Works great

Mockmill 200 Stone Grain Mill
Jane M. (Irving, US)

I was hand, grinding my wheat until I received my mockmill. I love it!