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I love it.

I was finally tired of hand me down mixers. so I went on line and found Wellness and Bosch. It is quiet and powerful. The best thing is it does not weigh 100 lbs. I’ll be getting some attachments also.

Creative Disks

I wasn't sure when I ordered these that I would need them. OMG..I have had them out for sweet potato chips, shreeded carrots for carrot cake, and more... Love them.

Tribest Greenstar Professional Commercial Twin Gear Juicer

Good product

In the first time I faced problem to get contact with seller and the shipping time was after the deadline but finally I got it and feel satisfied with my order

Nutri mill

Works great, and is fast but doesn't get wheat hot.


We love the Nutrimill Artiste mixer. Great delivery, great service.


I really like this product, it was smaller than I expected, but I honestly don’t know what I expected. It flakes really well, and does exactly what it said it would. I have only used it a half does times so I am not able to speak on its longevity qualities.

Excellent product

This is the best product I have ever purchased I can’t enough works great with my breads and cookies thank you so much for a great piece of equipment


This item works wonders and is a great price.

Thoughtfully designed, and works for legumes, too

Not all mills can grind legumes, but this one can. Works well and stores compactly. A great product!

Best gift I have ever given myself

Why did I wait so many years to own this Amazing Grain Mill? It is even better than described on the website or videos! So, SO easy to have your fresh flour in a minute. Even more statisfying is getting increased nutrition from the recipes I was already making! I could have been even more healthy years ago, if I hadn't waited so long.... Thank you Extreme Wellness Supply for making my life better.

K&K Keramik German Made Gartopf F2, 26L (6.9 Gal) Fermenting Crock Pot

Dynamic Greens Wheatgrass Juice 100 Oz

Received it within a short time after completion of order which was confusing as to what company I was ordering from. Web site was unknown as it was not from the company last ordered from. Product is correct filter and works as expected

High quality

Perfect size for my kitchen countertop. Good to know I have high quality drinking water!!


I LOVE Crock so much I had to get another! It’s so easy to use and my sauerkraut always turns out perfectly! Highly recommend!

Poor design

This machine seems good at first however, once out to the test in a juice bar it doesn’t perform well. It really waste a lot of money on produce. Doesn’t leave the fruit dry and when you extract 6 apples it hardly gets you 10 Oz. Customer service from wellness is great however customer service from Santos the manufacturer is the worse. They never respond to emails or calls. I highly suggest investing in another juicer, this one is too expensive and just doesn’t get the job done correctly.

Berkeley water filter

Excellent seller. Excellent water filter. Can really tell the difference with the Berkeley water filter.

Wonderful crock

I purchased this crock as a Christmas gift for my husband. It appears to be really sturdy and well made. He will enjoy making sour kraut now! Also I was impressed by how well the item was packaged for shipping!

Loving my Kuvings Vertical Juicer

Wow, what a a great juicer! It's easy to use and fits on my countertop beautifully. I'm now juicing celery daily and looking forward to experimenting with lots of juice options! Thanks Extreme Wellness Supply for excellent service.

Lightweight and easy to use

I don’t want to store a kitchen tool out on a counter, so this mixer can be picked up and moved out of sight easily. Surprising that all of the fancy American brands are way too heavy. I also love how easy to use and how powerful this nice German machine is.

My giantess

This is a serious crock for some serious fermenting! Simple, lovely design. Easy to I just need to get a longer masher stick. lol The biggest reason that I am writing this review, however, is due to a terrible previous experience with having a crock arrive at my residence broken beyond repair due to completely inadequate packing. Let me tell you, Extreme Wellness Supply place knows how to pack! Not only did my order arrive in less than 48 hours, I'm pretty sure my crock could have survived the rigors of atmospheric reentry in a space capsule and come out unscathed. Thank you! I'm thrilled. I will most definitely order from here again!

Game Chager!

I would spend hours juicing lemons, limes, and pomegranates...hours. This machine drastically cut the time I spend on my feet. The first time I used it, I cut five hours in prep time. This is one on the best investments that I've made. Customer service, Kate, was patient and made me feel comfortable during the buying process.