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Wondermill Junior Delux Manual Grain Mill

The product arrived within the promised delivery time. It works as expected and as advertised. Very well built. The manual work is not too hard but maybe more for smaller jobs milling grain. Just what I was looking for.

Angel Juicer 8500 Twin Gear Stainless Steel Juicer with Soft Fruit Housing Filter

Mockmill 100

Works great! Home made bread is worth it all! Thanks

Easy to use pasta maker

The pasta attachment easily attaches to the mixer. It's works like most other pasta rolling machines, but uses the Bosch Universal for power. The chrome (stainless?) part of the set appears to be the same as the Atlas handmade Pasta machines or the Kitchenaid, but with a different gear-set for use with the Bosch. Not that this is bad. The height from counter works well for removing the fresh pasta from the roller/cutters. Not too high and not too low. The Bosch doesn't seem to bog down as much as my old Kitchenaid did when feeding pasta through the rollers. Cleanup is the same as any other pasta machine. I use a pastry brush or unused paint brush to dust off the flour or dough. Overall, this is a lot easier to use than a hand crank machine because it leaves both hands free to feed and remove the pasta. Although not cheep, it is the way to go if you make homemade pasta on a regular basis.

Well made mill

This grain mill is substantial and well made. I have not used it since I want to mount a 1 hp electric motor to turn the mill. I am confident that it will do the job.
I would recommend it to anyone needing a quality grain mill. I ordered it a little over a year ago but Extreme Wellness came through as quickly as they could get this back ordered mill. A long wait but worth it.

The Best Juicer Made to Date

If you are looking for the best juicer you can get you no further this is those for you.

Love this Mill

This company was the best to purchase from. They kept you informed. They answered all my extra questions along the way. So happy to have this mill.

Diamant Grain Mill and Replacement Burrs

We received our grain mill and replacement burrs. We haven't tried it out yet, but it looks great. Thank you so much for always being willing to answer questions and give updates during the waiting process.

We love it.

Perfect and beautiful 😍

Happy wife happy life

It did take a while to receive the unit. Everything came on a pallet and all was in perfect condition.
My wife has done the burn process and we are now ready to produce freeze dried foods. My wife has been cooking with dried foods for years and it is very expensive to buy.

Very difficult item to obtain

Diamant grain mill was by far the most difficult item to actually get that I’ve ever ordered. Over a year from my initial purchase. Originally ordered Christmas Day 2021. After five month I decided to give up and order a mill from the US that didn’t have the supply chain issues. Several months past before my “ wants” got the best of me. I knew I liked the look and durability of Diamant. I reordered in August. This time Extreme Wellness sent out updates on arrival dates. I received this beautiful mill around the first week of February. The mill arrived with a few chips in the enamel paint. I reported this to Extreme Wellness. I received an email immediately wishing to resolve the issue. They checked the manufacture in Europe to find out they are going to send touch up paint. I am very happy with this purchase as it not only will be the most durable piece of kitchen equipment I’ve purchased but also the most beautiful. Presently I am building a table to permanently mount it to for use and display. Thanks Extreme Wellness for being diligent with the manufacture and patient with me when I would call for a status update.

Pump was here with in the time frame I was told

Country Living grain mill

Mill arrived two weeks before the estimated delivery date.I purchased the motorization unit as well. I’ve been using it for cornmeal. Mill works well. I’m happy with the purchase and the quality of the mill.


I purchased a country living grain mill and Extreme Wellness included a repair kit which is usually sold separately. I was apprehensive as time passed however the shipping date finally arrived and all was perfect. Extended shipping time was a good tradeoff for the discounted price and additional repair kit

My wonderful electric grain mill.

I am very happy with my wonder mill. It does the job very well as opposed to my blender. It is a bit noisy though, but maybe that is to be expected from a powerful machine.

Love my new Magimix!

Extreme Wellness Supply has a great selection of kitchen supplies. The best prices and fast shipping. Thank you!

Ankarsrum Stainless Steel Beater Bowl
Wendy S.
Good quality! Love the mixing bowl.

It took awhile to receive my order only because of a backorder from the manufacturer of the product. Extreme Wellness did a wonderful job of communicating with me about my order & got it to me as soon as it became available again! I was very pleased with the service from this company!


I got one of these little babies for Christmas 2 years ago and Love It!! Bread dough is a breeze and it out performs my big expensive mixer!
My Granddaughter was up last week and I taught her how to make English muffin bread and she just loved " my little mixer!" Making dough is a breeze. So,, I just ordered this for her fir Christmas! And the price is amazing! Thank you. 🎄 Pat Williams

Bosch mixer bowl scraper

It seems to be made well, It does everything it should with the only exception, it was not molded correctly, It is very difficult snap over the metal hub, you can't snap it on with just your fingers, I have to put the metal hub on, turn it upside down on the counter and hit it to get it to snap in place so for that reason I can only give it a 4 otherwise it would be a 5+, even with the inconvenience of getting it snapped on I would recommend this item

Too early

So far so good! Contact me a year from now-you guys sound like used car salesmen

Perfect accessory for the perfect mixer

This is my wife’s mixer and she loves all the accessories she has gotten with it!!

Mock Mill 200

I received my mock Mill a few days ago and I took it apart and cleaned it with rice like the instructions said and then I ground some wheat with it that works excellent I would suggest this for anyone that wants a well ground meal and can grind it at any coarseness that they wish to very fine baking flour

Christmas Gift

Christmas Gift. Write back sometime in late January!

Harvest Right 8-Tray Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer, Large Size

I love it

I got it to replace my store-bought soy milk. It turns out that I hate homemade soy milk. I tried all the things - still hate it. There are only two commercial soy milks that I like, so I suppose it's not that surprising. However, it's so easy to make nut milks! I add extra soaked nuts and mill 10 or 11 times to make it extra creamy. I think I'd like it more if you could set it for an amount of time, or a number of mills so you didn't have to stand there with it, but really, it's only about 90 seconds, so no big deal.