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It’s quiet and it does a great job. I have it on my counter because I think it’s a work of art! Very happy!

Angel 5500 Juicer

This unit is built to process multiple vegetables with minimum wasted juice. The pulp is fairly dry. The parts are stainless steel and the motor is powerful. It looks like a quality product. I am happy with my purchase.

NutriMill Classic HighSpeed Grain Mill

I love it! It’s all everyone said it would be and my new favorite kitchen helper.

Perfect item

If anyone want to safe money on fruits and vegetables and make fresh cold press juices, that is the product to get.

Very high quality product

So happy we got it. It makes our family so happy. Were all engaged in this! We also eating more veggies in our meals since we're buying more to juice as well. My only call out is thereS alot of pulp that builds up at the base of the gears on the motor. The gears seem to slip off slightly while juicing

Super Angel Pro Juicer

Very pleased with the cutting ability of the blades with this juicer.

Angel Juicer 7500 Twin Gear Juicer (Super Angel Deluxe)

Best Sauerkraut Crock

I've been using K&K crocks for years to make sauerkraut - they never cease to amaze! Best quality I've ever seen - and dishwasher safe! Perfect all around!

Fresh Fruit juice is delicious!

The Housing Unit for the Angel Juicer for soft fruits is messy. The container that I use for the extraction of the fruit juice, leaks on the counter.
The pulp that comes out in the front of the attachment, I have to stop the machine to clean it out because the pulp will fall in the juice.

later. the machine will be sent to the Phils in Oct

Omega VSJ843QS Review

I had no idea what I was missing re flavor until I started using this juicer. What a difference! Also love how quiet it is & how easy it is to clean. Worth every penny...

Works ok. Some limes get stuck

Even using smaller than 175 count limes, some get stuck and will not drop into the juicer so it makes the juicer significantly less efficient than it could be.

Super Angel Juicer

What can I say ,this is the Roll Royce of all the juicers; so powerful !! It's like "The Terminator "
All steel no plastic at all and so easy to clean,
This is the second one I bought ,the first one I got
I gave it to my son in law ,he's so happy !!
I really recommend it to anyone who is serious about juicing .

Freeze Dryer Bags

We are totally satisfied with the harvest right freeze dryer Mylar bags and highly recommend them.

Tri best slow Star juicer

I absolutely love my tribest slowstar SW 2000 B vertical juicer.
I researched a lot and narrowed it down to this one and I know I picked the best choice for me.

Very satisfied and very satisfied with extreme wellness who answered my questions and was very patient with instructions.


Well made high quality crock in a perfect size for me. Quickly delivered and exceptionally packaged.

The only negative I can come up with is the air lock channel should be larger to hold more water and make it easier to fill without spilling.

Best juicer in the market!

The Angel 8500 performs like a workhorse. Pulp is very dry, I’m getting at least 50ml more juice than what the recipes says I should get. Cleanup is so easy especially compared to many popular juicers in the market. I do cut the produce smaller but that is recommended for this type of juicers. The juice comes out very fine with no pulp in it and it tastes great! If there is any complain, it would be that the glass cup’s writing/measuring lines washes out a lot after one hand wash. Other than that, this is a fabulous juicer. I’m very happy! It is totally worth the investment!

Very awkward to put in the grain

Does the job well but the area where you can add the grain is small

Hi! The service was amazing!! They kept on calling me and updating me about the item i bought!!

Best greens juicer Ever

The angel is epic? I absolutely love the way it juices greens, tumeric, ginger, and even peaches! The flavors are out of this world.

The greatest juicer

This is the best juicer. From 2 apples, 2 carrots, and 2 stems of celery I’ve got 2 glasses of juice.

Amazing juicer

The best investment i ever made a very satisfied customer

Great product

Great product but that should always be expected from a German made item. Great quality

Top Notch Service!

Above and beyond in customer satisfaction! 5 star company. Kate is the BEST. Thank you!!!

Great pickler

Wonderful for making pickles. Will be trying other veggies. Great size for many foods