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Harvest Right 8-Tray Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer, Large Size

I love it

I got it to replace my store-bought soy milk. It turns out that I hate homemade soy milk. I tried all the things - still hate it. There are only two commercial soy milks that I like, so I suppose it's not that surprising. However, it's so easy to make nut milks! I add extra soaked nuts and mill 10 or 11 times to make it extra creamy. I think I'd like it more if you could set it for an amount of time, or a number of mills so you didn't have to stand there with it, but really, it's only about 90 seconds, so no big deal.

Well done!

Everything I ordered came in timely fashion no problems. Very good customer service. Would recommend.

Diamant D525 burrs

I purchased both the mill and fine grind burrs on two different dates. Both arrived, but patience is a virtue these days with supply shortages. Your price and customer support are 5 star.

Silicone Mats

They came sooner than expected. Priced perfect.

new grinder

Received grinder theres some paint chipped off fly wheel ..other than that it works great

Mockmill 100 purchase

Love it!!!

Mill works Great!

Thank You for asking. Knead practice making bread dough.


A well made mill!

Love My Mockmill 100

It’s so fabulous. Grinds my wheat in seconds to a lovely powder for baking. Very easy to use and clean. Seems to be very well made. I’m going to get so much joy using it.

Mockmill 100 Mill

It is finally here. After supply chain issues and delays in shipping it was nice to finally have our new Mockmill 100. The directions were clear and operation quite simple. It works great, practically no mess and fine flour the first time through.

Mockmill 100 Stone Grain Mill

Awesome machine!!

We really like this machine. It runs quietly and works very fast to make good flour.
Customer service very timely and quick in responding.

Very happy with my purchase. Part was missing when shipped but they got me the part in short order. I am very happy with their customer service!!

Mock…my new friend

I purchased my Mock mill and waited, anxiously for its arrival. I watched several videos on the proper way to set it up, clean it, and handle it. I was eager to make my first batch of bread which turned out absolutely delicious. I then ground my own cornmeal, and my cornbread was equally as tasty. I’m very much pleased with the fact that I can select the coarseness of my flour and cornmeal. It has always been a goal for me to be able to add more nutrition to my food and replace the highly processed foods that we’ve grown so accustomed to eating. I have no doubt that my Mock mill and I are going to have a fabulous relationship in the future.

Magimix Spiral Expert

Great price and shipping.
This a very well made and useful attachment.

Great hand mill

The wonder mill manual hand mill took about 20 minutes to assemble, with easy instructions. Now we are set. The clamp is an excellent design. The hand crank is easy to turn. The milling process produces fine, pastry quality flour in a shorter time than anticipated. It took 1-2 minutes to grind 1 cup flour. We’ve been using it for about one month, and we are quite satisfied with the quality of the mill.


I love my new mill and can't believe how fast it grinds my wheat. I haven't tried the adapters for the nuts/beans yet. The motor is loud, not a big deal but the first time I used it was 4 am and it woke up my family, maybe even the next door neighbor!

Awesome service.

Item came exactly when it was supposed to. The grain mill chute was broken but they immediately replaced it. Great item!

Great product

The grain mill is awesome. Very quiet. It took a few months to get but I can't blame the company for the backlog for the product. It wasn't available anywhere. Plus I got a coupon for using extreme wellness supply. If you are curious about the size, it's smaller than my vitamix. Check out the photo for a comparison.


Great product (grinder) and great personnel. My concerns were answered to very quickly.