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totally excellent! By this O mean customer service as well as product.

Simply works

Very pleased with the simple setup, excellent results and ease of cleaning.

capacity and quietness

Now that we have used the mill, it will be used a lot because it is so much quieter than our previous one. In fact we wish that there would be another recepticle bin with even greater capacity alowing more or larger bread batches and excess to be frozen. the reaason for thi is also becuase our grin storge is one floor down from the mill. Fewer trips and openning the grain contaainers is such an inconvenient chore.

Best investment for your health - EVER!

I'm new to juicing and started with the Omega 8006 juicer, juicing about 8-9 lbs of vegetables daily. It was a tedious task with the Omega, so I searched for a better option. Then I found a comparison video on Youtube between the Angel and the Omega. The yield from the Angel convinced me to buy. The machine only has three parts to assemble; I don't need to chop the vegetables into small pieces, the juice produced is crisp and delicious, and best of all, it's effortless to clean.

Built like a tank

I'm very pleased with my Diamant D525 grain mill. Extreme Wellness have to best prices. I recently ordered the fine grinding burrs, Extreme Wellness was $96 less than Layman's.

Beautiful addition to our home- it will last generations

I am relatively new to using the grain mill- but have already made a loaf and pasta with home milled flour. Amazing flavor! There are a lot of flour types available in the supermarket (other than all purpose white/whole wheat), but by the time they leave the commercial mill and reach supermarket shelves, it is often not fresh… it has lost that nuanced flavor gem hiding in the grain. Fresh milled is simply better tasting, and some say better for our health. I can’t speak to a health boost, but the flavor enhancement has been great.

As for the mill, I did a lot of research, read way too many reviews over a few months, and kept coming back to the Diamant. The cost is huge, especially if you go for the extra plates (worth it), but as they say you get what you pay for. The construction is rock solid and full cast iron as described. The biggest challenge confronted with any manual mill is the user output needed to turn the mill. I won’t lie, it is a little work, but the massive fly wheel (both in weight and diameter) makes this mill very easy to turn- I think anyone could work the mill easily and should not be a deterrent. From what I can tell, is the easiest out there. In terms of speed, it is very quick to turn out a cup of flour, probably about a minute of milling, slower the more fine the final product. The mill seems super consistent once the size is set, though you do need to turn the flywheel while adjusting with grain in the auger, or else it won’t dial properly.

One complaint- the paint chips easily. The paint is not adhesive- which means it doesn’t bind the primer so it comes off surprisingly easy. In time, it will show its wear, a testimate to its use I suppose, but still something that shouldn’t be a problem considering the cost. I plan on taking one of the pieces to an auto body specialist to see if I can get a paint match that I can dab on as needed.

For me- it ultimately came down to the esthetics of the mill, and it’s lasting design. As a permanent fixture, it is in my opinion, beautiful. From a longevity standpoint- it will last a generation. After I teach my daughter how to really make bread- I hope she will one day take the mill to her family, and do the same.

Great water filter

This is one of the best water filter in the market. It is very easy to install and the water tastes great.

Powerhouse Juicer

I upgraded from another brand slow masticating juicer. It had a single auger and I thought it was a good juicer but now that I've used this juicer there is no comparison. The dryness of the expelled waste/pulp and the quantity of juice is amazing. Although it's pricey, I feel like I'm getting a better tasting and more nutrient rich juice. I'm very happy with my purchase. Shipping and delivery were fast. Highly recommended this juicer.


It was much needed. I just made orange juice with grapefruit. Perfect!

Best Juicer

I recently purchased a Super Angel Pro Juicer model 7500. I am juicing about 10-12 quart of juice every week. I used all sorts of green leaf vegetable (Kale, Chard, Collard green, Mustard Green, Spinach, Fennel, Boc Choy, Coriander and Parsley), Green Apple, carrots, Lemon, Ginger, fresh turmeric etc. Before that I used a centrifugal juicer. I thought Angel will be slower. To my surprise Angel was much quicker and saved me about a third of time. My juice yield is also about 15-20% higher. I did use a cloth to manually squeeze more juice from pulp when I was using centrifugal juicer. With Angel juice also tastes much better. So far I am super happy with this juicer. It is much easy to clean compared to my centrifugal juicer. I hope it continues to work this way.

Great Service

Our order was correct, in good condition and was delivered on a timely basis.

Fermenting crock

I was little nervous having crock shipped but came wonderfully packed with no damage. Hard to beat quality of German made crock

Angel Juicer 7500 Twin Gear Stainless Steel Juicer (Super Angel Pro)

Very happy with purchase

My wife and I are brand new to milling, and we’re slowly getting the hang of it. So far I’m impressed and love how well made this mill is. It is definitely something that will stay in the family for generations!

Excellent piece of hardware! Thank you!

The juicer just a beast with those 2 additional screens I got from you recently. Don't regret any penny spent on them, glad I able to afford it :)

Fermenting Crock

Great product! Heavy duty, impressive packed for shipping. Delivered within 3 days of ordering. I will definitely order from Extreme Wellness again.

Angel Juicer 5500

Excellent juicer, easy to clean. Service from Extreme Wellness Supply was terrific , had a follow up question after receiving the juicer and received a reply almost immediately.

Omega VSJ843Qs vertical slow masticating juicer

It’s fairly quiet & seems pretty simple to clean, (although this is my first juicer so I don’t have a lot to compare it to). However, there is more cutting of produce than I’d like in order for it to fit through the feeder, for example a large carrot may need to be sliced vertically to fit). Sometimes leafy greens get a bit stuck to one side, but there is a reverse feature that assists in those instances. The pulp comes out quite dry which makes me feel good that I’m squeezing all I can out of the produce

Angel Juicer 5500

This is the second Angel Juicer I purchased. The first one I had 10 years and gave it to my son, so I needed another one. I will only buy an Angel because I feel they make superior juice, and I love the fact that everything is stainless steel.

Classy jar

Truly a classy pickling jar. Quality stuff.

Love my Angel Juicer!

Only had this juicer less than 3 weeks now and I am so happy that I went ahead and purchased the 7500 model with the soft fruit housing filter. Well worth the money. I made red grape juice using the soft fruit housing filter and it was wonderful. The standard housing filter effortlessly turns celery to juice. No foam, just beautiful delicious celery juice. Couldn’t be happier!
Thank you for your excellent customer service too!


I have not used the mixer yet but I used to own a kitchenetics mixer and these I believe our the same. My other one I have had for 40 years and I loved it!!!

I ordered 4 wonder mills as gifts for my children. I received great service, & fast delivery. Kate was wonderful to work with!

Selecton ladders for the dryer

I am very satisfied with the product and its quality! It will last for a long time since I ordered double selecon sheets

Terrific Mill!

KoMo mill works greats, solid wood construction, (almost mistakenly purchased the veneered one) a beautiful piece to sit on your counter. Completely happy with my purchase!