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Great product!

This is our second Super Angel Juicer. We bought our first one 7 years ago and needed to purchase a replacement. We use it at home and make 7 batches of vegetable juices each day for my wife’s health regimen. The juice is rich and smooth, not filled with sediment or fiber. We highly recommend this juicer for all your juicing needs!

Wonderful company

I am so very happy with my order. But the best part of it all was the customer service. This company is outstanding. Quick to answer any questions you might have and so very kind. Thank you Extreme Wellness!!! A+++

Angel 7500 Juicer

I’ve had my juicer for 2 weeks now. So far, been juicing every day. Love, love, love it!

Great product
Performs well

Everything I wanted !

I LOVE my mill! I was very very nervous making such a big purchase , BUT now am very happy I did! This mill is so easy to use , works absolutely perfect, with the range of options available for floor texture and so on. Really happy with my purchase , this company and shipping time . Very very nice ! Off to make bread with my fresh milled flour! 🍞

Look great! Well build

Look really well build, mine is a bright, beautiful red color, I have not used yet, but it has so many positive reviews. It got delivery on time, very happy with the purchase experience. I am looking forward to using it this weekend.

Two Snaps and a Giant Thumbs Up

The Wondermill Wonder Junior Deluxe is AWSOME. I love it. I have noticed that the price for the mill has now gone up but in my opinion, it is still worth the price you pay. I have already ordered a supply of POPCORN for grinding into GRITS and CORNMEAL. Ordered also a supply of Winter Red Wheat Berries for milling into flour. I cannot wait to try some really fresh homemade biscuits. My advice, do not procrastinate, order this mill now or regret it forever.

Great Mill, along with the best price

My Wondermill Junior is an awesome grain mill, I purchased it from Extreme Wellness Supply because they had the best price, along with the Nut butter auger that sells for $59 bucks extra elsewhere, it was a GREAT PRICE.

So far so good!

This machine is easy to use with no mess! It’s a bit loud, reminds me of a vacuum. Easy to clean. Great product for the price.

Always a PLEASURE with an Angel Juicer Experience

We have the luxury of help from the Angels from above
who have obviously inspired the manufacture of such a
wonderful strong, and non toxic, juicer, compared to so many others out there.

We understand from a friend, who owns a sprout place, that
the Wheatgrass attachment should work better and longer
than the usual extractor, due to it having been re- inforced
to work well with the tough fibers of the Wheat Grass blades.

If you have ever tried to CHEW Wheatgrass, you would understand
why this is so.

The Wheatgrass attachment is a great help to us, as we are in a tiny
senior condo, now, and there is not much room for our Angel juicer
in addition to the rather LARGE Wheatgrass, stand alone, unit we have had for
over 30 years. The small elegant Wheatgrass extractor.... solves that problem.

Blessings to the "Earthly" Angel that was inspired to produce the Angel Juicer
and for all the people involved in distributing it.

Especially the people at Extreme Wellness, who have always been so helpful
and ..knowledgeable... honest... supportive.and kind ~

We know we all have had help from ABOVE on this ~~

Excellent choice

My first grain mill and it turned out to be a very good choice.


I needed a juicer for Ginger specifically, to use in my Kombucha. Doing it by hand just was not working - I was getting a ton of waste. Plus, we're moving to an off-grid home, so any new devices we buy, I'll be looking for manual first.

Tried this out on both Ginger and Pineapple first. I wanted to really test it out, so I didn't even take the rind off the Pineapple. It cut through both like butter - I was very impressed! Out of two large fingers of Ginger I got a little over 12 oz of juice; when I would do it by hand I'd get about a cup. And a large mason jar of Pineapple juice from one Pineapple. (My chickens say thank you for their new treats from the pulp.) I'm looking forward to trying out different things now.

It was all that difficult to "grind". Which means I'll use it more often. As long as your base is stable, you shouldn't have too hard of a time getting it to rotate smoothly.

It was a heck of a lot easier to clean than I was expecting. The mesh was the hardest thing to clean. When I say "hardest" I mean, I couldn't just rinse the part off. I had to actually wash it to get the fibers loose, which I think soaking for a few minutes would probably speed that process up.

It is plastic though, so we'll see if it holds up over the years. If it holds up with weekly'ish use for about 5 years, I'd say it was *definitely* worth the cost.

My one con so far - the collection cup needs to be taller. When the juice comes out of the bottom, it tends to "lean" towards the base, and would often miss the cup and instead dribble down the base onto the floor. (Phat Pugg says thank you for the treat.) It wasn't massive amount, so it wasn't something that I'd return it for, or downgrade the review. Just something to be aware of, and maybe to be adjusted in the future by the manufacturer.

Bosch Universal Plus & Nutrimill Artiste Cookie Paddles Attachment

Exactly as described

This juicer (Tribest Greenstar Pro Commercial) is exactly as described. It's well built (sturdy, heavy) and looks like it will last a long, long time. It juices well and we were thrilled to find that it does wheatgrass AND sorbet. It was nice knowing one machine would handle wheatgrass shots, juices and dessert all in one. The machine was a little confusing to put together at first, but once it was sorted out, we've been able to repeat the process over and over. The juicing process is slow, but that is what we are paying for, as most of the nutrients are intact and not diminished by heat. Clean up isn't a breeze, but other juicers have about the same clean up time. The screens on centrifugal juicers are just as time consuming, but these screens are smaller, so that saves in the clean up. All in all, I think this juicer is well worth the price we paid, and it will get used often.

Solid made product

This is a solid made product! My only concern is that the fly wheel was not prepared before it was painted. The spokes that radiate out, have jagged edges produced during the casting process that were not sanded smooth. It was just painted. It doesn’t affect the performance; just the appearance. The rest of the main body was cared for and prepared.
Also, they send a wrench and screw driver with mill. Pretty thoughtful!!

Angel Juicer 8500 Twin Gear Stainless Steel Juicer (Super Angel Premium Deluxe)

Wonder mill

I really like my wondermill. It didn’t take very long to arrive and I have been milling grain ever since.

Love my Wonermill Electric Grain Mill

I did not think I would like grinding my own flour this much. I bought an electric Wondermill because my arthritis makes it impossible to grind grains manually. Until now, I only used store bought flour. I now take out my Wondermill every time I bake. Everything I bake taste better. An added plus is that the bread I make with freshly ground flour is more filling. I don’t have to eat as much to feel satisfied. I just love my Wondermill. It’s the best gift I ever gave myself.

The Best Hand Crank Grain Mill in the World

I bought the Diamant Grain Mill with the regular and course grinding burrs. Now I have the complete set. Getting ready to make some pastry flour now.

Big Berkey

I’m very happy with my Berkey water filter system. It gives me peace of mind to know that water my family & I are consuming is free from chlorine and other potential contaminants. Looking forward to the fluoride filters being restocked!

PURE Juicer Press Cloths For Cold Press Juicer

Mock mill 200

We are very pleased with the mock mill 200 we didn't expect so much from a small mechain its awesome thank you extreme wellness


It's such a beautiful blender, I hadn't tested yet but it's beautiful!

Extreme Juicer

The Omega does a great job of making celery apple juice quietly. Great tasting juice. I’m very happy with purchase.