KoMo Grain Mills:

Combining Tradition, Innovation & Ethics

For over 30 years, in more than 60 countries, KoMo has been striving to fulfill their mission of bringing healthy food to homes everywhere. But that isn't their only goal. With a committed reverence for our planet, KoMo goes to great lengths to manufacture responsibly, and in an environmentally friendly way.

The ingenious idea for the original KoMo flour mills came from visionary Peter Koidl in 1985. KoMo came into existence in 2002, when Peter Koidl and Wolfgang Mock combined their last names — and their ethic of fair business practices — to create the KoMo brand.

How did KoMo flour mills, flakers, and combo units gain worldwide recognition for their premium quality and innovation? Their designs and technology are highly praised. But being a socially responsible organization that treats their employees, and the environment, ethically and respectfully has earned KoMo international acclaim.

100% European Made for Ultimate Quality Control

To ensure fair pay and quality products, KoMo insists that all their flour mills and other products are made in Europe. What's more, they employ disabled people from sheltered work facilities who are trained in useful skills.

Local wood is exclusively used during manufacturing, and KoMo flour mills are built from sustainable growth with PEFC certification.


Powerful Advanced Features

Yes, easy-turn manual models are available. But KoMo has become famous for its self-sharpening grinding mills with impressive motors that pulverize grain into flour in seconds.

Whether you choose a classic model for personal use or a high-capacity commercial flour mill, flaker, or combo unit, you'll appreciate the ease of use and top-quality performance.


KoMo's Impressive 12-Year Warranty

The proof of quality is in the guarantee. KoMo goes far beyond industry standards by including a 12-year warranty for products purchased for personal use.

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