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Super Angel Juicers:

Shaping a Healthier World, the Natural Way

Focused on improving your health and vitality, so that you can live your best life? You already know that juicing is the ideal way to incorporate whole foods and optimal nutrition… but only if your juicer has been engineered to extract juice while retaining maximum nutritional value.

Angel Juicers provide a path to supreme wellness using smart technology and innovative design.

Years ago, Angel Corporation CEO, Chumtui Kim, took an oath. She promised herself that she would help people discover health and healing through a fresh-juice diet. Today, Super Angel is hailed worldwide as the ultimate twingear juicer by juicing aficionadoswhose lives it has improved dramatically for the better. More than 36 years later, Chumtui is still on her mission!


A Quest That Drives Invention

Yes, many brands make juicers. But Angel goes that extra mile to continually make their juicers better. With their own research and development lab, they’ve developed a number of bright ideas—such as patented gears with 3-stage extraction to ensure every last drop of juice is captured. Or Angel’s Shattering Helical Gear technology, that unlocks juice hidden deep insidethe plant fibers.

Super Angel juicers have received many patents and awards- proving that innovation is something they don’t take lightly. Congratulations to Angel on earning:

  • Over a dozen patents
  • An official commendation from the Korean Minister of Technology and Innovation
  • Korea’s Shining Stars Natural Healing Development Award in 2016

Angel Co.’s Passion for Nutrition

What other company has its own team of food scientists? Through the Angel Food Research Institute, Angel Co. has conducted many studies on the nutritional elements of vegetable and seed juice. They’re always exploring new ways to preserve the nutrition of fresh juice and optimize its healing properties.


Solid Steel for Solid Performance

All 4 Angel Juicer models are made exclusively of high-grade, food-safe stainless-steel components that resist bacterial build up, won’t transfer flavors and won’t corrode. This includes:

  • Super Angel Plus
  • Super Angel Pro
  • Super Angel Deluxe
  • Super Angel Premium Deluxe
  • In addition, the Super Angel Premium Deluxe model’s twin gears and extracting-screen housing are made of SUS-316 surgical-grade stainless steel - offering the ultimate in corrosion resistance while ensuring maximum hygiene and purity in the extraction process.


    Angel Leads the Way & Stands Behind Their Juicers

    How much confidence does Angel Co. have in its machines? So much that they offer a 10-year warranty on mechanical parts and a 5-year warranty on extracting-screen housing.



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