VitaClay Smart Organic Clay 4-in-1 Multi-Cooker W/ Yogurt Maker VM7900

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  • VitaClay VM7900 Smart Organic Clay Multi-Cooker

    VitaClay Smart Organic Clay 4-in-1 Multi-Cooker W/ Yogurt Maker VM7900 - 3 quart is currently out of stock with no ETA. If you choose to complete an order now, it will be sent to our warehouse immediately, ensuring that your order will be fulfilled as soon as the new stock arrives. 


    The award-winning VitaClay is now updated with a yogurt maker on top of the original design. It is a 4-in-1, a rice cooker, a slow cooker, a digital steamer, and a low-temperature artisan yogurt maker. Large batches of probiotic, calcium-rich Greek-style yogurt can be made fresh for your whole family.

    Natural, unglazed, highly prized Zisha clay enhances flavors and preserves important nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins in savory soups, hearty stews, grains, and legumes. In a VitaClay pot, your food is always free from added non-stick chemical glazes, lead and aluminum. Healthy cookware is our specialty.

    VitaClay Smart Organic Multicooker is simple to use and fully programmable. The innovative computerized clay heating technology is a culinary breakthrough. The all-natural clay-cooking bowl promotes uniform cooking. Double lid design creates micro-pressure to maximize steaming quality for tender and flavorful food and cuts slow cooking time and energy usage in half. Your whole meals or side dishes can be made in as little as 30 minutes from scratch.

    When it comes to slow cooking, the VitaClay truly lives up to its gourmet name. It QUICKLY comes to a boil four times faster than conventional slow cookers, and then reduces the heat to simmer for the appropriate time. Enjoy multi-program functions for savory stews and soups, pot roast, fluffy rice, brown rice, sweet rice, and porridge. Also, use our multi-cooker as a vegetable and fish steamer. Plus the yogurt feature doubles as a brown rice germinator. In addition, Vitaclay is great for preparing wholesome meals in record time, including bean pots and vegetarian/vegan dishes.

    VitaClay is perfect for busy professionals and families who want the healthy nourishment of a home-cooked meal. Includes a recipe booklet featuring 30 plus original international recipes by VitaClay Chef Suzanne. UL listed, FDA, CA Prop 65 and RoHS laboratory approved. "LEAD-FREE" status is tested by an independent 3rd party laboratory. 1-year limited warranty. For customer service call 408-329-7392.


    The unique properties of clay make it ideal for flavor-enhanced cooking without added salt, sugar or oils.

    • Clay is porous. Heat and moisture circulate through the pot during cooking, unlike metal or enamel-lined pots; Clay acts as a natural insulator that holds and absorbs heat to cook foods slowly and evenly bringing out earthy flavors and textures. Naturally thermal, clay cooks 4 times faster and stays warm longer. Cut your energy usage in half.
    • Clay is alkaline. Clay interacts with acidity in the food, neutralizing the pH balance. Highly acidic foods like tomato sauce will become naturally sweet when cooked in clay. Foods cooked in clay taste more robust with authentic flavors and textures.


    Small changes to your diet can make dramatic effects on your overall health. With VitaClay Technology, you can make a host of important changes—all in one– while saving yourself precious time and money.

    Natural, unglazed, highly prized Zisha clay infuses flavors and the airtight dual lid seals in flavors and preserves important nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins.

    With a Zisha clay pot, your food is always free from added non-stick chemical glazes, lead, and aluminum.

    Soak and sprout whole grains, germinate brown rice, make low-temperature probiotic artisan yogurt, simmer vitality enriching bone broths and stews, create mouth-watering one-pot meals, steam seafood and vegetables or make healing herbal infusions. VitaClay brings healthy, natural cookware together with new technology to give you the best of all.


    Fully programmable from 10 minutes to up to 5 hours with 10 minutes increment. Delay timer and automatic Warm allow you to start cooking automatically at any time of the day or early morning breakfast without waking up! Easy to read clock and LCD display.


    7 function settings include White rice (Quinoa), Brown rice (Wholegrain, or Wild rice), Sweet rice (Sushi, Sticky), Reheat, Stew (Roast or Steam or Beans, or less liquid cooking), Soup (Broth or more liquid-based cooking) and Yogurt(Germinate).

    If optimum nutrition and the heightened flavor is your goal, VitaClay Chef brings both together with this healthy cookware. The secret is in the centuries-old slow-cooking organic clay pot, combined with a perfectly computerized balance of temperature, fused together to enhance the true flavors and texture that will please the health-conscious, first-timer or pro. This VitaClay Smart Organic Multicooker is a must for artisan grains and heirloom beans or grass-fed beef. Savory bone stocks to rich soups and stews have all the vital nutrients sealed in for your good health.

    Whether you’re a busy parent or busy professionals, making a culinary breakthrough with your vegan, or vegetarian, or gluten-free cooking or healthy nourishments has never been easier. Preparing a delicious meal is fast, simple and more nutritive with VitaClay, especially with the hundreds of taste-tempting rice and slow cooker recipes. Essential vitamins and minerals are enhanced when you germinate your brown rice in our artisan yogurt setting.

    • “Best Slow Cooker” Award – GOOD HOUSEKEEPING
    • “Our favorite multitasker” – SHAPE MAGAZINE
    • “Top kitchen picks” – WEIGHT WATCHERS 


    • 3 Quarts - 6 Rice Measuring Cups
      • Dimensions: 14.5" L x 10.5" W x 9" H
      • Weigh: 14.66 lbs
    • 4 Quarts - 8 Rice Measuring Cups
      • Dimensions: 16" L x 11.5" W x 9.5" H
      • Weigh: 10.95 lbs


    • Unglazed organic clay bowl enhances the flavor and texture.
    • Natural clay bowl promotes uniform cooking
    • Free of toxic metals and non-stick chemical glazes contacting your food!
    • Slow cooking breakthrough innovation - up to 4 times faster to bring to a boil than conventional slow cookers, then slowly simmer to gourmet perfection, sealing in flavor and retaining texture 
    • The dual-lid design prevents evaporation from sealing essential nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes.
    • Easy whole meals are as fast as in 30 minutes 
    • High-fired clay pot with wider temperature shock resistance up to 480 F that enhances longevity.
    • Fast, slow cooking from 10 minutes up to 5 hours with 10 minutes increment.
    • 50% more cooking efficiency, using as much as 50% less energy. 
    • Extra power to cook larger cuts of meat.
    • Easy to “Set and Forget it” and a snap to clean-up
    • Delay timer and Automatically keeps warm for up to 12 hours.
    • Makes probiotic-rich Greek yogurt or yogurt or yogurt cheese.
    • Pre-programmed for savory stews, delicious soups and porridge, white, sweet rice, and brown rice. Extensive food cooking versatility including 30-minute meals, bean pot, pasta dishes, healthy steam, and whole grain rice!
    • Tested and verified by 3 rd party laboratories-UL listed, FDA, CA Prop 65 and RoHS laboratory tested.
    • Power rating: 120 VAC / 60 Hz / 500-600 Watts
    • Products are designed in the heart of silicon valley, California and manufactured in China.
    • One-Year Warranty 

    What's included? 

    • recipe booklet
    • clay pot
    • clay lid
    • lid lifter
    • stainless steel cooker base
    • rice paddle
    • rice measure cup 


    Please note: Cooking in VitaClay must have a liquid (water or clear broth) to present at all time or no "dry cooking" should be done in any VitaClay pot. Please ensure adequate liquids throughout the cooking cycle, as burning or "going dry" can compromise the integrity of the clay. 

    • How long does this cooker take to cook the slowest cooker recipes? In 30 minutes to 2 or 3 hours in the "Slow cooking" setting!
    • HOW DO I APPLY THE TIME CONVERSION FROM TRADITIONAL SLOW COOKER RECIPES INTO VITACLAY SMART ORGANIC MULTICOOKER RECIPES? To convert cooking time from conventional slow cooker recipes into VitaClay ® slow cooking, the rule of thumb is if the conventional slow cooking time is set on ‘high’ for 4 hours (divided by 2), or on ‘low’ for 8 hours (divided by 4), the VitaClay® Rice/Slow Cooker multicooker will only take 2 hours.
    • How long does this cooker cook chicken? 2 hours for 3-4 pounds of a whole free-range organic chicken. Or 30 to 40 minutes for 1 pound of breast or boneless chicken. 
    • How long does this cooker cook a roast? 2.5 to 3.5 hours.
    • How long should I cook bone broth? Chicken soup or bone broth for 2 to 3 hours on the "Soup" setting. Beef bone broth for 4 to 5 hours on the "Soup" setting. Let the bone broth settle in "Warm" for additional overnight, or 8 to 9 hours to further gel or create more collagen (optional).


    • What if I want my food to cook all day long while I am away from home? VitaClay cooks at 4 X faster than a conventional slow cooker. With automatic "Warm" (up to 12 hours) feature, your foods won't be soggy with better texture and it would stay warm when you are!
    • How long does this cook for my beans? For soaked beans, liquid ratio is 3 to 1 for cooking 1 to 1.5 hours on "stew", or 4 to 1 for cooking for 2 hours on "Soup" setting. For dry beans, liquid ratio is 6 to 1 to cook for 2-3 hours on "soup".
    • What's the minimum cooking volume in this stock pot? 1/4 of the pot.
    • Is the clay pot oven and microwave safe? Yes!
    • Is the clay potstove-top safe? No.
    • How to cook "Porridge"in my VitaClay? For rice or grains based porridge, use "soup" to cook 1.5 to 2 hours. Adding milk has to be at serving time as it may cause overflow or food burning.
    • How do I cook my Steel cut or roll cut oats? Add 1 cup oat and 4 cups water, set on "Stew" for 30 minutes (optional: add 30 minutes in WARM for softer texture and you may add milk to your serving bowl to avoid burnt in pot or overflow). Note: please do not use "Rice cooking" for oatmeal as as burning or "going dry" can compromise the integrity of the clay.
    • How do I select each cooking function? Continue to press Rice Cooking or Slow cooking key until a proper function is choose, then press "Hour" or "minute" key to choose cooking time within 7 seconds. Within a few seconds, cooker will start cooking immediately. Note: On Rice cooking, you do not need to set on timer as it is fully automatic.
    • How do I steam my fish or veggies? Add 1 cup of water, a steam tray or a ceramic bowl, load veggies or fish on top. Set on "Stew" for 30 minutes. Another option to steam is to add ingredients on top of rice at the last 10 minutes of rice cooking. Let it simmer in "Warm" for additional 10-15 minutes. Note: If you like to steam for an hour, add 2 more cups of water before cooking.
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