How-to Guide: Choosing An Angel Home Juicer

How-to Guide: Choosing An Angel Home Juicer

How to Choose the Best Angel Twin-Gear Juicer

With so many home juicer models available today—all with varying price tags and features—how do you decide which one is right for you?

When customers ask us what our favorite home juicer is, we tell them Angel—no question! Formerly known as the Super Angel Juicers, here’s why we’re absolutely in love with this line of premium twin-gear juicers.




How Angel Twin-Gear Juicers Are Different

Angel Twin-Gear Juicers are known as the gold standard of twin-gear juicers—and with good reason. The difference starts with the twin-gear design, also known as a triturating design. This type of juicer uses two interlocking gears (augers) made of stainless steel to pulverize produce at a slower rate (82 RPM) than single-gear juicers. This process offers multiple advantages:




  • Improves extraction and ensures you get every last drop of delicious juice from your fruit and veggies.
  • Minimizes aeration and oxidation, which slows the loss of nutritional potency and gives your juice longer shelf life.
  • Creates minimal pulp and foam.
  • Produces the tastiest, most vibrantly flavored juice you’ll ever have!

Plus, since Angel Juicers draw out more juice from fruits and veggies than other models, you can actually shrink your produce bill over time!




Tough-As-Nails Construction

Have you tried other juicers that have flimsy parts that break? Angel Juicers are sturdily constructed to stand up to plenty of use without breaking or mechanical failure. That’s because they’re made entirely of high-grade, food-safe, rust-resistant stainless steel with no cheap plastic like other juicers. It’s just like having a commercial juicer in a machine that’s made for use in your kitchen.




Did we mention Angel Juicers are incredibly easy to clean? No need to get in there and scrub parts with a tiny brush. It’s only 4 pieces. You can rinse the components under the tap or even toss them into the top rack of the dishwasher.




Great for Newbies

Angel Juicers are pretty powerful and really easy to use. They’re loaded with friendly features that make juicing fast and simple, even for beginners.




  • Self-feeding –Instead of pushing food into the juicer, the gears pull it right in
  • Automatic pulp adjustment: Handles pulp without having to change attachments
  • Thermal sensor that self-regulates so it prevents overheating
  • Reverse turning saves you from a common mistake: overloading the juicer
  • Automatic pulp ejection so you don’t have to stop and manually scrape the pulp out

Experienced Juicers Love Them, Too

Have you been juicing at home for a while, but haven’t found the perfect juicer for your needs yet? Many customers transition to a Angel after years of relying on lesser machines. They’re always surprised at how much sturdier and more efficient their Angel Juicer is. More delicious juice output, less waste. Once you switch to Angel, you’ll never go back!




Which Angel Juicer Model is Best for You?

There are 3 models available: 5500, 7500, 8500. While these models have the same twin-gear system and durable stainless-steel construction, there are important differences to consider. Here’s an overview to help you make a smart buying decision.

Angel Juicer 5500

This is an ideal starter model for those just beginning their juicing journey. It’s made of 100% SUS-304 food-grade stainless steel (including the gears), which is excellent for use with food. This type of stainless steel:




  • Won’t leach chemicals into your juice
  • Won’t absorb flavors or taint your juice with a funny taste
  • Resists rust and corrosion
  • Inhibits the buildup of bacteria (very hygienic)

The 5500 model has a manual reverse function, which is a type of safety feature. This allows you to quickly and easily clear blockages. You can add a food-grade stainless steel Soft Fruit Attachment for an extra charge.




Angel Juicer 7500

This model is identical to the Angel Juicer 5500, but it features:




  • An automatic anti-jamming system, which self-adjusts speed control if the machine detects an overload of produce.
  • An automatic reverse function that clears blockages without you having to do anything.

If speed is important to you, the Angel Juicer 7500 is an excellent option!You can also add a food-grade stainless steel Soft Fruit Attachment to this model for an extra charge.




Angel Juicer 8500

The Angel Juicer 8500 is the ultimate top-tier juicer for people who are serious about juicing for better health and wellness. It’s identical to the Angel Juicer 7500 except for one key difference: its primary parts and standard extracting-screen housing are made of SUS-316 surgical-grade stainless steel.




Why surgical-grade steel? It has extreme corrosion resistance and ensures the highest levels of hygiene and purity. The rest of this model is made of high-grade, food-safe 304 stainless steel. You can add a surgical-steel or a food-grade stainless steel Soft Fruit Attachment for an extra charge.




Explore Your Culinary Creativity

The Angel Juicer model you select is going to come down to your personal needs and preferences. But no matter which one you choose, you get a powerful, versatile juicing machine that can be used with everything from oranges, papaya and berries to broccoli, wheatgrass and parsley. Experiment with your own flavorful concoctions… or search the web and find hundreds of recipes. What’s more, the Angel’s multi-step extraction process ensures you’re getting maximum nutritional benefits from every luscious drop of juice.




Try the Angel and you’ll see… this is a juicer that gets the job done. We think you’ll love it!




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